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     A brief bit of information about compressors: It is extremely important to be certain that the air leaving the compressor to be used for human consumption meet the minimum standards for Grade E. It must have an oxygen content of 20 to 22%. The level of carbon monoxide (CO) must be less than 10 parts per million (ppm), and the limit for carbon dioxide (CO2) must be less than 500 ppm. Oil and oil products must be less than 5 milligram per cubic meter, and the amount of water vapor must be less than 67 ppm.

     The owner of a compressor must use the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer. Substitute oils may not be able to take moisture from the air, may burn in the compressor creating CO, and can overwhelm the air purification system quickly.

     The oil and the purification systems must be changed periodically. Not changing either may lead to contaminated air which is extremely hazardous when breathed under pressure. Divers' air must be very pure because pollution is concentrated as one dives deeper!

      The air purification filters we market contain a variety of pollution grabbers: Molecular Sieve 13X dries the air as it enters the filter. Without dry air the other chemicals will not work and the air may become toxic. With wet air the corrosion of the interior of metallic tanks is accelerated. The Molecular Sieve 13X also removes hydrocarbons (e.g., methane), carbon dioxide, and oil vapors. Activated carbon removes oil droplets, oil vapors, hydrocarbons, and halogen solvents. And, finally, Hopcolyte converts deadly carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide when it is dry. If you run a compressor so the amount of air filtered exceeds the recommended limits, the Sieve gets wet, the chemicals do not do their job, and the air may become poisonous, and will usually smell. Do NOT breathe air that has any odor!!!!




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