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Update: 11/23/21

If you are planning to be in the West Palm Beach area of Florida from January 2022 and May 2021, and want to do ocean dives from the shore or from a dive boat: Click HERE to Send E-mail to Deep-Six

The Divers Alert Network has a new Emergency Number: 1-919-684-9111


Mohonk: Scheduled near Summer 2022

Minnewaska: Scheduled near Summer 2022

The September 2021 SOS is Sunday, September 11th: If you would like to volunteer as a diver for Awosting, Minnewaska, or Mohonk call 845-255-7446.

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     You may have an interest in taking (or updating) a course in First Aid and CPR at the Deep-Six Dive Center. The course takes 1 day and the certification lasts for 2 years. Email or call us for scheduling a course. If you have others that are interested the date can be your call! For more information click on this link -> FIRST AID - CPR

     Nitrox class is to be determined. The class requires a 1 day attendance from 0930-1700. There are NO required dives. Go to Nitrox for more information.  

     Rescue Diver: For more information go to: Rescue Diver

     Advanced Diving: Advanced Courses Dives are scheduled as you need them.


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Go to Scuba Instruction and Certification for information about the scuba courses.

If you involved in Open-Water certification you will be diving in Mohonk for the 1st 2 dives and then in Minnewaska or Lake George for the last 2.

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Call or EMAIL if you want to be added to any dives. All dives meet at 0930 at Deep-Six (0830 for Lake George). For directions to Deep-Six check the textbook, Diving With Deep-Six in the chapter concerning Open-Water Diving.

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Information for diving from October through May:

   In addition, if the water and/or air temperatures are below normal it is important to do the following to avoid becoming chilled:

              Eat a calorie-loaded breakfast

              Bring a calorie-loaded lunch such as 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (with hot soup.)

              Bring a Thermos filled with hot water to put in parts of your wet suit, in your boots, and gloves.

              Bring warm clothes, hat, and gloves.

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