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Scuba Instruction and Certification - Skin and Scuba Diving Instruction Leading to NAUI & PADI Certified Divers

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RETURN POLICY - what to do if you wish to return a product

Accessories  - Mark V Diving Helmet, and other Scuba Accessories.

Announcements - information specifically for divers in the northeastern part of the United States

Articles of Interest - information about water activities that will interest you

Boat Diving - From the Textbook, Diving With Deep-Six

Boy Scouts of America Scuba Merit Badge - We are able to fulfill the Scuba part of this Merit Badge

Buoyancy Compensator - BCD - Integrated Weight BC's; Technical Diving BC's, and others.

Cameras - The Sealife MICRO HD and HD+ Underwater Digital Cameras

CL Free Water Treatment Systems - No chlorine, bromine, biquanides to sanitize your spa or pool. Swim in pure sanitary water!

Compressed Gas Fittings - Compressed gas fittings and tank filling hardware

Compressor Accessories - Tank Filling Hardware and Hyperfilters

Computers - IST computers for measuring depth, time, log, and in and out gassing on both air and nitrox

Dry Suits  - excellent quality dry suits from OS Systems

DSUS Shirts  - Only sold here, one of a kind, Tee shirts with the Deep-Six logo

Endless Pools(r) - Installation of current-generated lap pools and the FASTLANE(r) for swimming year-round

First Aid and CPR - NAUI First Aid and CPR courses taught at Deep-Six with course information

Fins - ScubaMax full-foot fins for snorkeling as well as adjustable SCUBA fins

Hydrostatic Testing - see how hydrostatic testing of metal tanks are done including a full explanation

iPad Holders - Custom Made from You Choice of Quarried Rock - Solid Granite & Marble holders custom cut for you just prior to shipping

Masks - Masks for snorkeling and scuba diving

Paintball Information - Paintball Gun air supplies and filling apparatus

Professional/Dealer - Equipment and supplies for dive personnel and shops

RENTALS  - Rent all equipment for snorkeling or scuba diving here

Regulators - IST and ScubaMax scuba regulators for underwater use

ROV - Aquabotix Underwater Inspection Vehicles (ROV = Remotely Operated Vehicles)

Scuba Instruction and Certification - Skin and Scuba Diving Instruction Leading to NAUI & PADI Certified Divers.

Service Equipment and Supplies - Equipment and supplies for divers, dive personnel and shops

Services & Repairs - This includes most brands and involves quick service - mail orders encouraged

Snorkels - Complete variety of snorkels for skin and scuba divers

Spear guns - A.B. Biller Spear guns, Aquacraft, and JBL - rubber-powered and pneumatic and Powerheads

Trips - Check here to get the details on the latest trips available to you at cost. THE 2016 1st TRIP IS CLOSED: SUNNY SOUTH FLORIDA 4/7 - 4/12

Undersea Life - This is a collection of information on life underwater. This will help you to identify different fish

Video Surveillance - Surveillance components for your home or business

VisualPlus 3 - Explanation of the examination of aluminum tank threads

Wet Suits - The finest wet suits from XCEL, ScubaMax, and IST Sports Corp.

Watches, Momentum By St. Moritz- Diving Watches. Dress Watches. All-Sport Watches

Water Quality  - Keep your pool, spa, or hot tub chemically correct automatically

Underwater Cameras - Sealife Micro HD and + Cameras


ORDERING - click here to read about how to place an order

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CUSTOMER PROTECTION - Protection Policy for customer ordering

RETURN POLICY - what to do if you wish to return a product

LINKS to Other Sites - Many interesting sites that pertain to diving. Remember to click the back button to return here!

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     Deep-Six Underwater Systems was established in 1970. We are dedicated to offering you, the customer, a choice from thousands of products all of which are sold at a substantial discount from the suggested retail price. We ship to all areas of the world, and will do whatever it takes to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction. 

     Deep-Six is located in New Paltz, NY. New Paltz is 76 miles north of New York City, and about 60 miles south of Albany. It is just west of Poughkeepsie, NY.

     Unless you are visiting our business, E-mail is the best way to communicate with Deep-Six. We respond fast! The address is Using EMAIL allows one to contact the business 24 hours a day, 365 days per year!  If you wish to phone the number is: (845) 255-7446. The FAX number is (845) 245-2303.


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MHDA - Mid-Hudson Diving Association

New Paltz High School Earth Committee - Earth Day Tree Planting by Over 150 Students in 1984

SOS - Survival of the Shawangunks

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